Subcontracting and subrenting flooring and decking solutions (Biljax TF2100)  for the tent rental industry

 Decking solutions for your customers with uneven ground allows you to put clearspan tent structures in places previously impossible!  This system goes up and down FAST!


Subrental of the Biljax 4x4 stage panels
(Biljax ST8100) and accessories (leg stock, railings, ramps)


We have added a gallery page of the TF2100 product  Here

TF2100 is an engineered tent floor system is designed to integrate with clear span tent structures. This system coincides with various tent manufacturers. Key Benefits: The integrated design is simple to setup with significant labor savings. TF2100 tent floor system "fits" the clear span tent structure and provides a wide range of elevation opportunities.


Various height, quick attach accessories and tiered beams allow for safe and effective elevations of clearspan tent structures. Compatible with Losberger, Liri, Hocker, Roder, and more. 

Fits the tent

The metric flooring panels with incorporated tent base plates create a seamless integration between the tent and the floor.



We use the BilJax TF 2100

This is the only available decking engineered to support clearspan tent structures.  

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